Nou Canapea lucrata manual bambus, Lene Bjerre, Natur

Canapea lucrata manual bambus, Lene Bjerre, Natur

Dimensiuni: Lungime 210 cm x Inaltime 220 cm x latime 150 cm

Culori: Natur, Alb

Materiale: Bambus, Panza

Inaltime sezut: 50 cm

Latime sezut: 194 cm

Adancime sezut: 109 cm

Greutate: 32 kg

Finisare produs: Aspect natural

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DID YOU KNOW: Mandisa, natural is the 100% organic, handmade bamboo furniture design from Lene Bjerre. Bamboo is a common term for lignified grasses from subtropical and tropical regions. Compared to wood, bamboo is, without doubt, the most sustainable material. Bamboo grows faster than trees - up to one meter in one day. In comparison does an oak tree use about 50 years of growing up, whereas bamboo is ready to be harvested after only 4-6 years. To put it in another way; bamboo produces nearly 15 km tribe in same time as the oak tree needs to grow up. Bamboo releases more oxygen than any other plant, actually 35% more than the most common types of wood. The reason is that bamboo grows very quickly and easier without the aid of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. When Bamboo also recycles large quantities of CO2, you contribute positively to the reduction of CO2 when you choose products made of bamboo as a material. Bamboo is harder in the wood than the traditional wood. You measure the hardness of materials on the Brinell scale. For example, the hardness of the wood of pine is 2.8, while ash tree, oak trees and beech trees typically are between 3.4-3.7. Bamboo is measured as high as 4.7 and is thus significantly stronger in the wood. Be aware: In general you should pay attention to the humidity in your home associated with wooden furniture. This is to avoid that the wood when big difference in the humidity suddenly cracks. The humidity in a typical Scandinavian home is typically in winter at the low end about 40-45 percent and in the summer in the high end typically 55 to 60 percent.

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Culori Natur
Material Bambus
Produs Canapea

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Canapea lucrata manual bambus, Lene Bjerre, Natur

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